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Infinity coves, redefined.

Why Choose Cove-Lock?

Cove-Locks simplicity originates from it’s design. 
Our systems can be built, taken down, relocated and rebuilt. The cove system can be expanded in any direction, reduced down, restructured and/or re positioned. They can be repainted at any time, as many times as required. After you have had a Cove-Lock cove installed, if you one day require it to be made higher, wider, longer, or extended in any way, Cove-Lock is for you. Our coves do not suffer from water ingression. There are no hidden downsides, no secret sales points, no catch.

Our new and carefully improved Cove-Lock design has changed the infinity cove world from a buy cheap, buy twice business model, to a quality over quantity model, without adding extra cost. When in development, many factors were taken into account. Such as speed and ease of installation, affordability, modular design for future extensions, the list goes on.

All panels are either 1m or 50cm wide. Coves can be a single back wall (a scoop), also known as a ski slope, or a cove with left, right or left and right return walls.

The end product is entirely seamless.

The panels are precision made and are designed to lock together. Once together, fixtures firmly hold the panels. Once a few panels are assembled, the client, or builder, attaches the support legs to make a free standing system.

Patent Pending

A name steeped in photographic heritage, Cove-Lock infinity coves have been redesigned for the modern age.

  • Innovative and affordable

  • Freestanding

  • Highly durable fibreglass structure

  • 100% made in the U.K.

  • Modular system/construction

  • Bespoke, custom design service

  • Fast installation, with self-installation possible

  • Movable – relocate to a new location, quickly and easily

  • Free of water ingress issues associated with traditional designs

Any questions or queries?

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