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Design & Build

Step 1

1.1 - Before you get started you will firstly need to draw out the dimensions of your requirements with our Cove-Lock specification form.

Step 2

1.2 Once you have sent us your layout, one of our engineering teams will do a site visit to ensure your design and your workplace are suitable and safe for our Cove-Lock system.

Step 3

1.3 - Once our engineer has done the site check, the engineer will check for anticipated anomalies and potential issues e.g. (sloping floors).

Step 4

1.4 - The design will then be reviewed and discussed with our Cove-Lock design team

Step 5

1.5 - When the previous steps have been completed, our design team will liaise with our engineering teams to work out the costing of your project.

Step 6

1.6 - Final approval of the project by you will then be made before going ahead with purchases and manufacture of your Cove-Lock Infinity Cove.

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Infinity coves, redefined.

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